How to Stop Waiting and Start Living Life?



Eckhart Tolle wrote in one of his book that many people are always in a state of waiting. They are always waiting for better things to happen, for a happier life, for the perfect partner that will ”save” them, for the career that will give all life fulfillment they need and so forth. There is one thing about this kind of waiting: It’s an illusion, and you will be waiting until you die. 

I am a waiter. I am waiting for change, but on the other hand I am scared as hell for anything to change just a little. I am waiting for more love, more fulfillment, a life purpose, a sign, a sudden change, amazing experience, but yet for the past two years barely anything has changed. I have stood still. Waiting. I lived at my parents place, and of course I  experienced new things, as everything is always changing, but I still feel that big things that I am not completely satisfied about, didn’t change.

The past two months I simply got stuck. I have graduated college, so I am no longer pushed to do anything outside my comfort zone, I am not pushed to think about my future, I just work this simple job, dream about a more exciting life, watch series and refuse to change, or do anything slightly uncomfortable. I want everything, but at the same nothing. How do I stop waiting and start living? I conducted a lot of research to this question past couple of weeks, and this is what I found:

1.Create a vision for your life. You have to know (at least for the short-term) what it is that you are striving for in life. This can be as simple as: ‘just being happy working my daily job, be surrounded by my children and work on my art’, and complex as ”build a school in Nicaragua, find a man who is worth it and  find a job i’m passionate about”. The great thing: you life vision can change -and most likely will- change as you move along the way. But that is great because that means you grow.. Just decide on what you want and need now, and commit to that instead of waiting and reacting blindly to everything around you. Be clear and visualise whatever it is that you want.

2.Plan your vision. make it practical and concrete! A thought without action is nothing more than a though in your mind. Thoughts are beautiful, as they inspire you and give you some sort of indication for your wished life vision. But if you stay in thought-world (like me for instance), then when do you start living? By actually making it practical you also notice if your wishes are simply dreams, or if it is something you really want!

So for instance, if you are the guy that wants to be around his children more, you would write down: How can I spend more time with the kids? – working one day less, -weekly football practice with my daughter etc.etc.

3. Live and implement your vision. Put actions in your calendar, talk about it with you loved ones.  COMMIT to it. Really make it ‘alive’, put it in the world, get it out of your mind! If something is scary, but you know you should do it, just do it !

4. Appreciate NOW! Never wait one moment, be at peace with whatever there is in the current moment. Never move from a place of discontent, but move from a place of love!

5. In alignment with point 4: be positive! Feed yourself with positivity! If you focus on positive things, you will attract more positivity in your life, and vice versa. Also, a positive attitude will help you create your life vision and will help achieve your goals. Count your blessings, as the greater luck in life is always in the small moments of gratitude. I for instance, have a gratitude diary where I write down what I am grateful for almost every day.

6. Keep life simple. This final point is  maybe most important for me. I tend to over-complicate things as I come up with 10000 ideas, visions, read about everything and think things over endlessly. In order to succeed, I have to make life as easy and breezy as it is. I can do this by meditating, practicing yoga and by trying to distance myself from my thoughts and emotions sometimes. Also, in order to make things easier from a practical point of view, is simply trying to limit choices, ideas, visions and try to use my time efficiently.



So now its time to start implementing! I hope I will succeed, will keep you posted!

Are you a waiter? Or a do-er?

xxxx Natalie



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