Why You Don’t Always Have to Set Goals

Mindful Woman

I always try to strive, set goals, achieve and grow. But because of personal circumstances and a 20 life crisis, past few months  I failed to achieve anything or be the least productive. This resulted in me feeling like a failure without any direction. But why do we need to always do, and can’t we just be? 

From the moment we go to school and maybe even before that time we have to learn, grow and develop. These are  very normal and natural things to do, but another thing that we especially have to do it achieve. We cannot sit back relax and enjoy, as society is constantly  telling us that we have to improve and grow. This results in a society full of stressed, rushed and unhappy people.

From my mum  I learned that this is because there is an imbalance  between two modes of the human mind: ”Being Mode ” and ”Doing Mode”. When we are Doing Mode we want to get things done and achieve goals the minds have set. This mode is amazing at solving problems, but it also has its flaws because when we are in this Mode, the brain will look at things to solve, it will look at all the flaws in life and this causes a lot of negativity.  Then, when we are in Being Mode, the Mind has nothing to do, and nowhere to go, it only focuses on the here and the now, is fully present and aware. This state is all about accepting and allowing what is, with no pressure to change it in any way. The greatest difference between these two modes is the time it is involved in; Doing Mode is about linking present, future and past, while Being Mode, in contrast, is only about the present thing, as an unrelated and direct experience. Our Western society is mainly based on this doing mode, as this (seems) to give the most (financial) gains. But what is the price for these gains? Unhappy people?

I believe that a balance between these two Modes will eventually give us the full benefit. I think that Doing Mode can really help us to set intentions and make practical progression. However, I think we need also need Being Mode to just allow ourselves to do absolutely nothing, to do a task with full attention, or to do things just for the sake of doing them! Not everything needs a goal or final destination, its all about the experience baby! This last point is what I and society often seem to forget…. Life is meant to be enjoyed:)!

Are mostly in Being or Doing Mode?

xoxo Natalie




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