Why You Should practice Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

I had a spare class left at my yoga studio, so I decided to try some Yin Yoga on a beautiful Friday morning, as I had always been interested in it. Now I am absolutely HOOKED and I will tell you why…

So first things first, there are tons of yoga types (to name a few: Hatha, Kundalini, Bikram), and Yin yoga is another one. All types of yoga overlap in different areas, so you will definitely recognise Yin Yoga concepts in other types of yoga that you may practice.

So what is Yin Yoga? This form of yoga is more meditative, where you spent longer in passive postures than in other forms of yoga. You focus very much on the physical aspect, and really connect with your body.It is more intimate than other forms of yoga and it requires you to confront yourself, sensations and feelings. It goes more  in-depth than regular yoga practices. A few typical Yin poses, would be e.g. pigeon, sphinx pose and seating forward fold. Also,  in these poses it is all about getting the blankies and pillows out!

There are  many benefits to Yin Yoga that I found. To name a few:

  1. It is, of course, calming and balancing mind and body.
  2. It regulates energy in the body.
  3. It increases mobility in the body (joints and hips).
  4.  Helps reducing anxiety and stress
  5. Improving your Yang practice
  6. Great for digestion.
  7. Gets you into deep relaxation.
  8. Helps with Migraine.
  9. Release of Fascia throughout your body.

My personal experience is that after the class,  I  felt emotional, but also very deeply connected with my true self. Which maybe sounds very woolly, but that is how I experienced it. It was  challenging but also as very rewarding. It felt like I was healing and restoring my body from the inside out, spending true awareness and presence to each and every aspect. The funny thing I noticed is that during Yin yoga, you don’t really focus on the muscles, you basically just use gravity to stretch.

So if you want to nurture your whole body, doing Yin yoga once in two weekswill really help you in deepening your whole yoga practice, and will improve your Yang and meditation or practice. It is said that you need at least a few Yin classes to fully understand and fall in love with it. So don’t give up to quickly, I can recommend it to everyone!

Have you ever practiced Yin Yoga? What is your experience with it? 





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