Is This App Your New Natural Birth Control Method?


Today  a very personal topic: birth control. I personally hate taking any pills as my body can’t handle it, so anti conception is a real struggle. I have tried it, but it just doesn’t work for me. But NOW there seems to be a very interesting solution, 100 %hormone free!

The Swedish nuclear physicist Elina Berglund developed an app that claims to protect against pregnancy just as well as taking the pill. 150.000 women all over the world are already using the app.

So how does it work?  Every day you measure your temperature under your tongue, you then submit this information in the app and with a special algorithm it computes whether or not you are fertile that day and if you can have unprotected sex. The app is 93% reliable as realistically, women can make mistakes when using the app. The pill is also 91% reliable if you take into account that women forget to take it, or take it too late.

So for 5, 40 EUR a month -including thermometer- you are protected, without hormones. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Would you trust this app?

xoxo Natalie


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