Are You Addicted to Series or TV? This is What to Do.

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I am addicted. I will just admit it. I aim to live a mindful and present life, but I got to be honest; when I find a good series I easily  binchwatch 3+ episodes a day. It doesn’t make me happy, but I still do it as its so addicting! I know other people struggle as well, what can we do about it?!

So first I want to have said that watching movies, series or TV is not necessarily a bad thing. I think we can learn , get new inspiration or simply  enjoy a good story line from these kind of media. However, you know that you’re addicted if you keep playing the next episodes on Netflix for several hours, when you spend whole evenings watching random TV programmes, if you lose interest for other activities, when you procrastinate daily chores and when you feel that YOUR life is not as interesting as in your fav show.  Actually, you can ask yourself one question; Does watching this make me more happy? Does it enhance me? If the answer is NO, then you have to change something. (If you are sick and binchwatch your fav series, it actually may contribute positively to your state of being!!).

So when you have concluded that watching addictive series and TV is not making you happy. What can you do?

  1. Find out WHY you watch your series so often. This mostly will be a form of ‘escapism’. Are you unhappy with your own life, are you going through a stressful situation, are you having problems, are you tired after work? Lack of purpose? Try to deal with whatever reason it is you spend so much time behind the screen, how can you deal with these issues without escaping from it?
  2. Keep a diary with TV time spend. This  gives you an insight in the actual time you spend watching TV and series. Think about all the other ways you could spend this time and take actions!
  3. Make rules about how many episode/hours you are ”allowed” to watch. Try to establish new habits like ” I will  only watch TV in the weekend, or I will only watch one episode a day”. Be disciplined and stick to your own rules!
  4. Try to only watch TV and series that actually make you happy. Don’t watch time on programmes that you don’t even like but that are just on at the time you wanna watch the tellie.
  5. ENJOY the beauty of life (including beautiful story lines ;-)).

So maybe tonight get a good book, have a nice conversation, paint, go for a walk or enjoy a new episode of your favourite series, you will know what to do! Make a conscious choice :)!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know in the comments below!




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