Is This App Your New Natural Birth Control Method?


Today  a very personal topic: birth control. I personally hate taking any pills as my body can’t handle it, so anti conception is a real struggle. I have tried it, but it just doesn’t work for me. But NOW there seems to be a very interesting solution, 100 %hormone free! Continue reading


Vegetarians Watch Out! Hidden meat..

I am a new vegetarian/pescetarian who tries to eat plant-based as much as possible but I still sometimes eat eggs, fish or dairy. I am a newbie in this lifestyle and every now and then I come across things that I did not know contain ‘meat’! I am not someone who read into eating vegetarian very much so I had some unpleasant surprises. Today I will share my discoveries with you, and for the convenience I included all animal based ingredients for all vegans out there to.  Continue reading