6 x Boosts for When You Feel Under the Weather


Uggg it is that time of the year: red noses, coughs everywhere, and flu seems to take over humanity. It is October and that means that the weather gets colder. Many people start to feel a little or a lot under the weather, like me. Today I will share some tips that helped me nurture myself and feel better quickly….

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Tea Tree Oil, Does It Work?

Tea leafs

You see it everywhere: Tea tree oil. Company’s claim that the benefits are amazing and  they put it in many products with promising commercials. But what is tea tree oil? And does it really work? Of course I tested it for you…..

So Tea tree oil, what is it?

Tea tree is seen as an essential oil and originates from plants that are part of the Myrtacea. These plants mostly grow in Australia and New Zealand. It is takes from the leaves of these kind of plants and is also toxic when taken by mouth. However, in low concentraitions it is used in cosmetics and skin care. People claim that Tea tree oil can treat medical -especially skin-conditions like acne, herpes and other skin infections. However, the evidence for this is low. There are more claimed ‘benefits’ of Tea tree oil.

Does it work?

Of course, I am always interested in new natural solutions, so I decided to test tea tree oil. So I used it for the last couple of weeks, when I had spots. I used it about once a week in the evening before I would sleep. A few conclusions:

  • It smells very very strong. NOT nice!
  • It is not a miraculous way to get a perfect skin BUT I did notice that it helped get rid of my spots quicker than normal. Of course I don’t know if this is REAL evidence, but I felt that it worked a little bit.
  • My friends notice that my skin looked good!

Final conclusion: commercial regarding Tea tree oil are over-promising, but I do believe that using it on minor skin condition can actually help and support in healing your skin.

What is your experience with Tea tree oil?



A Routine for When You Feel Down


This morning I woke up very early with a heavy feeling.I I felt bad about my stupid side job, I felt alone, everything went wrong and I felt bad because I have no vision for my life after I graduate. This almost broke me down and I did not know how to get through this day as I also have to work a shift from 16-00:15 which doesn’t make things any better! However, I did not give up and I took action… This is what I did: Continue reading

Chosing Love over Fear (Yogini insights)


I am back from my holiday with many refreshing and new articles for your. Today discussing the impact of fear on doing what you love.. because why are you making certain decisions? What are underlying reasons to do so? And does this way of decision making make you truly happy, and get you at a place where you feel fulfillment and at peace? I think I know some Yogini’s who can help us with this! Continue reading